Maximized loading capacity with 40 % less fuel consumption


The backbone of the worldwide fleet of merchant vessels for multipurpose/project & heavy-lift transportation is the class of 12,500 deadweight tonnage (dwt) vessels with two cranes of more than 120 tons capacity. The most widely used type of vessel is the so-called F-Type, which goes back to a design of the former Beluga Reederei and was built by various shipyards in China in a total of 86 units. This series also forms the basis for the TOEPFER Multipurpose Shipping Index, which shows the current freight rates for this class on a monthly basis and sets the benchmark for the industry.

The design of the F-Type dates back to the late 1990s and construction of the series ceased over 10 years ago. Thus, the average age of the ships in the interim is already over 15 years. In the meantime, massive progress has been made in shipbuilding technology, which prompted the Briese Group to develop and order a newbuilding series, the “LakerMax”.

The first “LakerMax” will become operational in spring 2024 while 14 more vessels will be delivered over the course of the next two years.

In the design phase, the emphasis was placed on a massively higher utilization of the available cargo hold and deck space.

Through the installation of a modern two-stack engine with a new type of valve control and a massively improved ship’s hull in terms of glide technology, fuel consumption has been reduced by almost 40% versus the ships built in 2000s.

Ship Type ComparisonOld Beluga "F-Type"Briese "LakerMax"-TypeDifference "F-360"
Built2000 - 20112024 ongoing
Deadweight (tons)12'70013'000
Cargo Hold Capacity (m3)15'95225'145+58%
Deck-loading Capacity (m2)4'2907'731+80%
Crane Capacity (tons)2 x 1802 x 250+39%
Open TopNoYes
Trading Speed Knots (avg.)1315+15%
Consumption 15 Knots (mt/day)2517-32%
Dual-fuel Ready (Methanol)NoRetrofittable
Green Ship QualificationNoYes

The above progress has been achieved without substantially increasing the external dimensions of the vessel. These significant productivity advances result in massively increased charter rates, which already allow owners to profitably recoup the investment over the long term.

In 2021, the International Maritime Organization will additionally calculate the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) for each active merchant ship, which will include rating classes A-E. It is expected that the F-Type will be in the “C” class, while the new Briese “LakerMax” will be in the “A” class. High classification is rewarded, for example, by priority port handling. In a time of faltering flows of goods – a decisive competitive advantage!


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