Briese Schiffahrt

Global leading family business and pioneer of the first hour
in the Multipurpose/Project Carrier & Heavy-lift industry.

Briese Schiffahrt (Schweiz) AG

You are looking for real asset, transportation and infrastructure investment opportunities?

We are on a mission to accompany institutional and professional private investors with their investments in Multipurpose/Project & Heavy-lift vessels managed and operated by the global market leader: Briese Schiffahrt. We are driven by the fact that Briese Schiffahrt’s large fleet — particularly by transporting renewable energy infrastructure such as wind turbines — is an important supply chain element to making the “Green New Deal” a reality.

 Briese Schiffahrt (Schweiz) AG is under Swiss management which holds the controlling stake.

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Philipp Leibundgut


Philipp Leibundgut is the Chairman of Briese Schiffahrt (Schweiz) AG. Philipp’s journey to investing in multipurpose vessels started after a successful career managing the Russian investment portfolio of a Swiss family office, co-founding and managing a real estate company listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange and taking responsibility for Corporate Finance, Structured Finance and Portfolio/Fund Management of a Swiss private banking group.

In 2016 Philipp had the opportunity to participate in the wind-down of Swiss based Massoel Shipping SA and started to see the investment potential of the multipurpose shipping industry.

Having realized that the global market leader, Briese Schiffahrt was embarking on a journey of a significant fleet renewal, Philipp partnered up with Wilke Briese, the second generation manager of family owned Briese Schiffahrt, to bring this co-investment opportunity to the Swiss market.

Over the past years, Philipp has invested a large portion of his personal wealth in multipurpose vessels.

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Patric Käser


Patric Käser is the CEO of Briese Schiffahrt (Schweiz) AG. Patric spent almost three decades of his career in the banking industry where he was successfully active in various sales, advisory, structuring and business development areas. Patric held responsibilities in senior client advisor, management and leadership functions across the Investment Bank, Wealth Management and Corporate & Institutional Banking in Switzerland and abroad.

Patric’s daily interaction with globally active entrepreneurs and his charity support of startups inspired him to found his first own venture back in 2015.   

Given Patric’s past banking involvement in the freight-forwarding and transportation sector, he is an appointed member of the Commission of Business Administration of SPEDLOGSWISS – the association of internationally active forwarding and logistics companies in Switzerland. He is also a member and auditor of the PROPELLER CLUB, Port of Basel – a global organization of the shipping, transport and logistics industry.

Briese Group

In combination across all entities, Briese Group benefits from over 35 years market experience and expertise. Briese Schiffahrt has a significant financial stake in most of the vessels. The synergies of Briese Group’s unique business mix generates attractive, sustainable returns for the group and its investors.

Briese Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. KG

Briese Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. KG a second-generation family-owned company headquartered in Leer, Germany, is the pioneer and market leader with around 130 ocean-going vessels in the multi-purpose/project & heavy-lift sector. Briese Group runs over 30 offices worldwide and employs more than 2,400 people. Visit Briese Schiffahrt →

BBC Chartering

BBC Chartering, part of the Briese Group, is the world market leader in transporting  project and heavy-lift cargo across the seas. As the largest wind turbine carrier in the world, BBC Chartering is a well-recognized competence partner of the Green Energy producing industry. BBC Chartering will continue its superior level of commitment and attention to the success and growth of Green Energy. Visit BBC Chartering →


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