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Transporting all the goods for a sustainable future


Briese Schiffahrt offers a variety of complex transportation solutions to customers out of one hand, thanks to its global network of subsidiaries, partners and agents. 

Briese Schiffahrt’s fleet size and its variety of vessel types caters for a complete range of market requirements. High safety standards, state-of-the-art equipment, qualified and well-trained crews, and the low average age of vessels are the building blocks of Briese Schiffahrt’s success.

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Briese Schiffahrt, together with investors, owns the world’s largest multipurpose vessel fleet, totaling over 130 vessels.

As the undisputed industry leader, Briese Schiffahrt not only maintains young, modern multipurpose vessels, but also leads innovation in new shipbuilding.

The ongoing replacement of aging multipurpose vessels with “young tonnage” available in the market, and the investment in the latest generation of eco-efficient and load-maximized new buildings of the new Briese “LakerMax” series, are capital intense.

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Together with institutional and professional private investors, Briese Schiffahrt has been successfully investing in its multipurpose vessel fleet for decades ensuring the sustainable development of Briese Group and attractive investment returns for its investors. The certified multi-decade track record shows a double-digit annual average return.

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Our offering

Briese Schiffahrt (Schweiz) AG, domiciled in Zurich, opens the door for Swiss professional investors to accessing multipurpose ship investments with potential.

Investors get the choice of taking an opportunistic direct stake in the latest “second-hand tonnage” on the market or invest strategically in “newbuildings”. Investors are always accompanied by Briese Schiffahrt as the co-investor.

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The global multipurpose vessel fleet is overaged. The average vessel age is 21 years, its expected life span is 25 years. In addition, tonnage supply is also falling due to the departure of ships in niche markets and upcoming environmental regulations. 

Overall, analysts expect a fleet reduction of 2% annually from 2020. Yet, the almost non-existent newbulding activity of multipurpose ships should lead to further positive development of charter rates over the coming years.

Future renewal and expansion in the energy sector will remain the driving force behind the demand for multipurpose/ project & heavy-lift carriers.

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Briese Research is responsible for the management of German research vessels, the majority of which are owned by the Federal Republic of Germany or its federal states.

Together with the IOW Leibniz, Briese Schiffahrt annually awards the “BRIESE Prize for Marine Research”.

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